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Mandela Day at Dasha School 18 July 2016
Mandela Day at Dasha School – A group of ladies from the Lowveld Day Hospital visited the School during the morning. They spoke to the learners about the hospital and not being afraid of hospitals. They had brought along a couple of stethoscopes and the learners got the opportunity to listen to their own heartbeat. Each learner received a goody bag with a number of different items, including a theatre cap and mask. The learners thoroughly enjoyed everything in the goody bag, they all had a lot of fun putting on the caps and masks and posing for the photos!!
After lunch the team from Konica Minolta came along armed with paint, paintbrushes and rollers. They painted the jungle gym, slide, tyres and also the one wall. The children absolutely loved the new look playground. Thank you to all the special people who were involved. Iit is a privilege to have had wonderful people visiting the school and doing such great things.

"The Level 3-5 class learners went on an outing to the Mbombela Art Gallery in town. Mrs. Marietjie Henning, the curator and an artist herself showed the learners around and even gave them the opportunity to paint on a real artwork."

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