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The morning started bright and early with our small group of seniors heading off to the venue for the big athletics meeting. All ready to go and showcase their sporting abilities. Once there a little warm-up session and then onto the pavilion to wait for the start of the first event - 800m. A few of our runnersdiscovered that 800 m is rather a long way - but each one made it to the finish line.
They also participated in 100m, high jump, long jump, shotput and relay. The special moments on the podium receiveing their medals will be remembered by all for a long time. Really proud moments shared by all.

A total of 33 medals were won by our learners at the two events.
11 Gold, 5 Silver, 17 Bronze. 17 Fourth position certificates, 7 Fifth place certificates.
Certificates awarded - 17 Fourth position and 7 Fifth position.
Congratulations to all and well done.

This athletics meeting saw our Junior athletes, as well as all our Downs Syndrome athletes and those with physical disabilities participating in the mornings events.
The schools that participated where Kamagugu Inclusive School (they were also the organisers of the event), Pro Gratia, Estralita and Dasha.
We had 18 athletes participating in the varrious events. Track events were the 40 m , 60 m, 80m,100m and 800 m.
The field events were long jump, high jump and shotput.
The morning saw all the learners having a really wonderful time, running and jumping, having so much fun.
A special moment was Malik coming fifth in his race, throwing his arms in the air and shouting "I won, I won".
They were all so proud of their achievements and it was very special seeing those great big smiles as they received their medals and certificates, after each event.
A number of parents had also joined to enjoy this very special morning!
A big thank you to all who organised and to all who particpated, what an awesome morning!

Saturday 14th February - a very special day on the Dasha calendar.
Our very own Valentine's Dance. The young folk could not wait, so much excitement and ancticipation.
Staff members spent the day decorating, preparing food and getting ready for the big event.
19h00 saw the young folk arriving, all looking so amazingly special in their outfits.
Candles, hearts, balloons, special photos. What a special time to share with all.
Music, dancing, lots of fun and laughter, then dinner was served. Very yummy chicken pie and a good, healthy salad to go with it. Then more dancing, fun and loud music. Always a pleasure to watch the sheer pleasure and enjoyment.
Next was a delicious pudding - strawberry cheesecake! Once that had been enjoyed, a few young folk made some speeches to thank all those who had made the evening possible and for all the yummy food and fun.
Then it was back to the final half hour of dancing, music, fun and laughter.
At 22h00 the evening ended with many tired, hot and exhausted folk but all having so enjoyed the very special evening.

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